Introducing Facebook Deals

Everyone loves a great deal, but it’s often hard and inconvenient to find one when you really want or need it.

Imagine you’re looking for a new restaurant to check out for lunch, you could then view offers from nearby locations on your phone. On the other hand, say you frequented a local coffee shop or bar, imagine if you were rewarded for return visits with friends. Local businesses will now be able to offer you deal’s when you check into their place on Facebook.

Facebook launched Places to allow you to share your location with friends and to see who’s nearby. With the new Deals feature, you’ll also be able to view offers at nearby businesses and share those deals with friends.

It’s easy to start finding deals near you. You can visit or check out the latest version of Facebook for iPhone.

Using Deals is basically a 3 step process. Nearby Places with deals display a yellow icon and when you choose a place, you can view the deal and check-in to claim it. Then, all you have to do is show your phone to the cashier to receive your discount or gift.

Facebook Deals -

The important part to remember is that these deals are being offered by businesses themselves, not by Facebook. Check with the business to find out more about deal terms and conditions, such as whether or not the deal is only for you or your friends, promotion length, and the number of offers available.

In terms of Deal types, there are a few different options: discount deals for individuals, free merchandise or other rewards, deals where you and a friend can claim an offer together, loyalty deals for frequent visitors to a location, and charity deals where money is pledged by businesses each time you check in. A variety of businesses are presently offering deals, such as Starbucks, GAP, and 24 Hour Fitness.

Facebook has also posted a video showing merchants how they can get started using the Deals platform.

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