Like+1 Streamlines The Social Button

Google’s +1 button has quickly earned a position among the top content based websites on the Internet. Sure, there’s a benefit for sites who have integrated +1, but really, users are probably going to click the Facebook Like or Share buttons more often than not. Sure, the days of +1 are early, but aren’t these buttons getting a tad out of hand here?

Meet security researcher Ashkan Soltani and Brian Kennish, a former Google employee and also the gentleman behind Facebook Disconnect. They’re the smarties who have come up with the idea to merge two buttons into a single browser extension: Like+1.

Have you heard of the +Like extension? Here, take a look:

+Like allows you to Facebook Like a Google search result via a browser extension. Pretty cool, and if it wasn’t for Google’s algorithm constantly changing and adding weight to different social signals (their +1 feature), this is probably something a lot of us would consider using.

Like+1 is a bit different though, turning offsite Like buttons into a Like+1 hybrid. This means that when you click the button it will automatically post a Like on Facebook and will also +1 the result on your Google profile.

Like+1 also has another cool feature: it saves all your Like+1 activity locally. This means if you’d like to export either a Google or Facebook record of your +1’s or Likes, you’re able to do so.

As far as compatibility goes, the browsers are pretty standard. The Like+1 extension is available for IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, built with WebMynd. This will allow just about anyone to get in on the one click action rather than clicking Like and +1 to post to both feeds.

How about it? Will we ever see a universal ‘like’ button that will post to social feeds that we can personally define?

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