LinkedIn Upgrades Company Pages, Allows Their Own Status Updates

LinkedIn has added a new social feature to the network, now allowing company page administrators to post short updates just like regular users can. This is clearly a huge benefit for companies, allowing them to engage page followers and start conversations within LinkedIn’s public streams.

It will be interesting to see how company pages continue to evolve, especially with competition from Facebook and Google+. Given that LinkedIn is very B2B oriented in its advertising and is continuing to add human resources-like depth, we could see a very different, unique, type of engagement.

LinkedIn Company Page Update -

LinkedIn has put a lot of time into making the site much more social this year, adding many different social based features, opening the Groups API to developers, and they have also added Groups to their mobile apps. LinkedIn has also been very open, sharing its first-ever public earnings call and encouraging others to embed the slide deck, doing some live tweeting of the call, as well.

LinkedIn is a business network and is shifting into a major human resources tool for companies throughout the Web; it’s no longer about two-way networking. This past July, LinkedIn enabled job applicants to use their profile as their resume, giving them the option to apply for a job with a click of a button. With today’s update, we will see a new level of interaction between professionals and companies using LinkedIn, and perhaps some refined social strategies by companies, as well.

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