Mapping Your Facebook Friends Visually

Web information has been taking a much more visual and interactive approach in the past couple of years, technologies like Google Maps have blazed a trail for a wide variety of 3rd party technologies to integrate with their API. With data and information personalization playing a much bigger role than ever before, it only makes since that our personal connections will evolve into a more visual and centralized presentation rather than traditional siloed of typing and finding.

Facebook Friends Location -

Where My Friends Be? is a Google Maps mashup of your Facebook friends, showing all locations pinpointed throughout the globe, giving a visual representation of where your friends are.

Mashups like this aren’t particularly new, however there’s a difference between getting there first and doing it right. Where My Friends Be? is quick and easy, you connect with your Facebook profile and away it goes, pinpointing locations within seconds, showing you exactly where your friends are located.

The present features are fairly straight forward; however we can see potential here. What if you could sort your Facebook friends by check-ins? Nearby Friends is an app that presently does this. This type of technology could also be applied to Twitter, displaying people of interest who have tweeted near you, tweeters could even be displayed by a hashtag/keyword alert that you define.

The real power here would be tapping into Facebook Places and Deals for a visual representation of local deals by industry or product keyword. This type of application could open the doors to real evolution.

What do you think? Is there potential for evolution or is this another fad site that will enter and fade? Leave your comments below!

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