Mobile Printing With Your iPhone

Are you a fan of mobile printing? Yeah, there’s another app for that. Breezy is a mobile printing startup and has recently released an iPhone version of its app to the public. Once Breezy is installed, you’ll be able to print documents and other files from your iPhone, whether it’s your office printer, somewhere public, or in the comfort of your home. The cool side is that Breezy uses GPS to find nearby public printers if required, companies who are Breezy partners.

Mobile Printing - Breezy - Welcome - Marketaire.comWith Breezy you’re able to print documents directly, but also through iPhone Mail if you’ve received the document as an email attachment. If you tap the filename in the email, you’ll be prompted to “Open in Breezy.”

At this point you have a couple of options, you can print the document using your own printer (once you’ve setup the Breezy Connector software) or to a local public printer, who will more than likely charge you for the print out. The latter feature is only available to premium subscribers, which sort of makes the mobile printing less convenient.

There are other mobile printing solutions for the iPhone that attempt to solve the mobile printing problem, however even Apple’s solution, called AirPrint, only works with a select list of printers.

Breezy is free to download and free to use, however the catch is that the company’s watermark is on every print out – unless you’re a premium subscriber. If you do subscribe, you will also gain access to partner printers, as mentioned above. Another unique feature is the ability to send faxes, and you’re able to do so using Breezy Credits.

So how about it, would you use a mobile printing solution as an every day task?

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