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The big question that companies tend to ask when getting involved in social media is, “Who is talking about us and what are they saying?” This is clearly a broad and loaded question, audiences and demographics differ when it comes to products, brands, and campaigns, but the bottom line is that companies need and want to gather insights that tell them who is talking about their brand and what they’re saying.

There is a solution. A company called Radian6 has recently launched a new set of tools for the social media listening platform called Radian6 Insights. Insights has been incorporated into the standard Radian6 package, allowing companies to analyze and interpret data in a variety of different ways, but it ultimately allows companies to gather data to help them define who’s talking and what is being said.

Radian6 has also announced their Summary Dashboard, a place where you can go to get a high-level view of your campaign data – the perfect solution for those within the company that may not use Radian6.

Radian6 Insights connects to various partner sites such as KloutOpenAmplify, OpenCalais, as well as some Twitter insights through Radian6 itself, providing integration and analysis that your topic profile has gathered.

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You’re probably wondering about the core functionality of Radian6 Insights, so let’s jump into some of the features that it provides to you:

– Tools for tracking defined hashtags and trending topics on Twitter

– Coverage and mentions defined by comment count, vote count, Twitter followers, sentiment, media type and more

– The ability to view who has clout within your industry, looking at specific influencer data and what they’re saying

– A centralized interface for Insights data to be presented and related with other data from Radian6

It’s important to remember that Radian6 doesn’t provide automated analysis; you still need to be hands on with the data and understand how it all relates to each other. The power in this tool is to deconstruct the data, providing insights – it’s up to you to interpret it and apply it to your strategy.

As always, you should utilize as many tools as possible to effectively measure not only your social media strategy, but your Internet marketing strategy, as well. We’ve listed a few ideas of how you can apply these tools to your strategy below:

– Using OpenCalais you are able to compare content by media type, showing you just how strong your blog content is when compared with your forums. Not only that, but OpenCalais helps you ‘tag’ your content in a much more relevant way, increasing relevancy for your users. This is a major benefit if you’re a content publisher with thousands of articles that have traditionally been sorted more broadly by hand.

– Dive into a series of posts with OpenAmplify, identify what they’re saying and how they feel, then take action as appropriate. You are able to identify fans, detractors, influencers, and intenders. To better manage and monetize content, you first need to break it down and understand it.

Radian6 Insights has real potential for growth, and as new insight providers come aboard, we can expect the tool to become more refined, integrating more relevant data for users and driving Internet marketing campaigns to an entirely new level.

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