Scheduling Tweets For Maximum Impact

For those of you that tweet for any sort of exposure on Twitter, you have to consider the best time to tweet throughout the day. You want to expose your tweets to the highest number of followers possible, especially to those who will retweet to help spread the word. There are a few ways to tackle this problem. For example, you can note successful or unsuccessful tweets based on past measurement, avoiding times when your followers are least active, avoiding tweeting around that time.

By tweeting during times where users are more active, you’re increasing the likelihood of getting noticed. This is a pretty basic rule, but imagine you could measure individual tweet performance combined with times tweeted?

Timely Tweet Scheduling -

The method above is generally a good strategy, however if you’re not carefully measuring your tweets and results, you could be missing out on opportunity. Timely is an innovative solution that finds the perfect time for tweeting, looking at your last 199 tweets, quickly analyzing those that have been retweeted. If you get more retweets during a particular time bucket, it makes sense to place more emphasis on tweeting in that bucket. Timely will also determine optimal time buckets starting with your best to worst performing tweets. Getting started is easy; all you have to do is enter your Twitter handle into the box provided, Timely will find your perfect time, allowing you to schedule tweets targeting various times throughout the day.

Given the global reach of Twitter, there isn’t a standard time that applies to all Twitter accounts; it mostly comes down to your followers and their location. If you’re targeting a specific global market, consider engaging more frequently during those times, and of course, by scheduling your tweets according to appropriate time zones you will maximize reach.

So how about it? Will you be looking at your tweets and times a little more closely?

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