Social CRM: The Future Starts Now

If you ever wanted a great Social Media Customer Engagement Case Study, you’ve found one – Royal Dutch Airlines KLM has launched a pilot program called KLM Surprise to show appreciation to their customers. The program recently took place at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, and the idea was to surprise customers who have used Foursquare to check into one of KLM venues or Twitter to tweet their location, rewarding them with a personalized gift.

Information that customers have shared on profiles across various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare is used to come up with the gift idea – so remember, if you’re flying KLM soon be sure to update your Facebook interests! After the gift is selected, KLM staff locates the person in the airport terminal and delivers the surprise gift to them. The results are then posted on KLM’s Facebook Page and Twitter account – everyone loves a success story, right? If your heart is warming to the idea, you can even view photos of those happy customers at KLM’s Surprise Facebook page.

The KLM Surprise team has really taken social media to the next level, notably by leveraging geo-location services such as Foursquare. Not only does the team ‘listen’ throughout social media channels, taking note of check-ins and Tweets, but they also ‘learn’ about checked-in customers from their social media profiles and then focus that information towards customer engagement. This type of activity drives positive attention back to the company’s social channels, adding personalization ultimately creates a very positive customer impression.

This can absolutely be seen as a Social CRM activity – engaging customers through social media with the intention of building trust and brand loyalty.

What do you think? Has KLM Surprise embraced Social CRM? As always, we’re interested in your thoughts and opinions!

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