Social Media Advertising Spend To Increase 64 Percent In 2013

Social media marketing has been a great win for those in the Internet marketing game, primarily because it’s been a very effective and free way to both support and reach out to customers. The free fun aside, nearly two-thirds of companies who completed a recent survey have said they plan to spend more on paid social media ads throughout the year.

Social Media Advertising - Advertisers & Agencies - Marketaire.comAccording to a new report from Vizu, a Nielen-owned company, 64 percent of Internet marketers are planning to increase paid social advertising budgets this year. Thirty-four percent are planning to keep their 2012 budgets intact, and the other two percent have plans to decrease their budgets.

Social Media Advertising Budgets - Marketaire.comClearly this is great news for companies such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that are reliant on ad dollars, and it also shows that their efforts to attract advertiser spend is paying off!

But hey guys, let’s not get too excited here. These social spending increases will be fairly small, at least in comparison to a company’s overall budget. The same survey shows that 41 percent of Internet marketers are only planning to increase their budgets by less than 10 percent; another 15 percent has estimated an increase in budget from the 11-20 percent range.

Social Media Advertising Spend By ChannelSo how about it, will you or your company be spending more on social advertising this year?

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