Social Media Jobs & Salaries – What Are You Worth?

Social Media Week is back again! And speaking of the industry, ever wonder just how successful those folks in social media are? Or maybe you’re an employee about to demand a raise. Just show them this.

OnWardSearch has released an infographic that offers quick info on the range of salaries in the industry. The Salary Guide covers the top 20 US markets and also gives us salary ranges for popular job titles within each metro area. The west coast is definitely better for those in the blogging aspect of social marketing, tweeting, or doing brand management for companies throughout social networks, but the northeast, New York in particular (the top of the list), and Boston (number five) are also at the top of the pack.

It will be interesting to see how this list changes year over year. Analyzing salaries for different positions and identifying growth and change is definitely cool, but position development in certain cities and a shift in the list may be a signal of adoption as the industry continues to grow. We could see some variety in the jobs that may begin to contribute to social media employment in the coming years.

Social Media Salaries - Jobs In 2012 -

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