Social Media Optimization And Passive Content Discovery

Companies today are investing more hours and thousands of dollars organizing content and optimizing for keywords to improve search engine rankings, increasing traffic and leads. Using search engine optimization (SEO) to boost organic web traffic is great, but developing content and ranking pages isn’t enough on its own. Sure, this type of approach does improve active content discovery and is positive for organic traffic improvements as a whole, but what if a potential customer isn’t actively searching?

Using Social Media Optimization to Increase Passive Content Discovery

Living in our infomania age, the majority of us have Tweetdeck or Facebook on our screens through the day, increasing the opportunity of passive content discovery. We’re not actively searching for content, but when a Twitter pal or Facebook friend posts a link to our social stream, hey, we often click the link to check it out. It doesn’t matter if we were doing something else, does it? When thinking of content prioritization, we usually click links, view images, and check out recommendations from our friends and family before anything else. Optimizing your content to get your pages and information into as many social feeds as possible is more important than ever.

Social buttons are great, sure, but let’s talk integration for a minute. Gigya is an on-site social solution that streamlines API access from social networks into a single API, making content discovery and engagement easy for users interacting with your site. By having seamless integration across social platforms, you’re creating an easy way for users to share content that they’d like to recommend to friends.

Gigya is also great for businesses, bridging the gaps between social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and corporate websites, reducing any friction that may be caused in a registration process, allowing a single social sign-in. It also delivers web traffic reports to you by platform, giving you access to a user’s social graph and friends upon connecting and sharing. This means that you will have the ability to analyze different types of users, their connections to others and everything they care about.

Gigya Sharing On ESPN

Fox Superbowl Commercials & Gigya Engagement

Gigya also delivers granular analytics, reporting on user interaction and traffic by platform. By aggregating analytics from social platforms themselves, Gigya displays them into a single interface for your convenience. This is big for sites such as Twitter that don’t presently offer a reporting solution. With this type of reporting you can easily identify which content is performing well and on which social network, measuring what is and isn’t being shared, and what type of content is shared most frequently.

There are also more detailed reports, such as total connected users, new user additions, new connections identified by platform, posts within a newsfeed itself, newsfeed posts sorted by platform, status updates, sent messages, sent messages by platform, referral traffic and any referral traffic by platform.

Would you consider adding a social tool like Gigya to your site? How about a social toolbar to allow easy sharing for your users?

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