SocialFlow Will Increase Your Social Media Clicks By 40-60%

SocialFlow, a service presently being used for social media campaign management by Human Rights Watch, the New York Public Library, the Economist, and Pepsi, became open to the public Tuesday.

During the beta stage, SocialFlow was seen to increase clicks between 40% and 60% per tweet, as an average. Like all good services, this one isn’t free: plans start at $99 per month, which will get you coverage for a single Twitter and single Facebook account. But don’t fret! As part of their new launch, SocialFlow is offering you the first month for any package at a low cost of $1 for the first month. This could be worth checking out to see if there’s true value for you.

Most social media based scheduling services are designed around posting messages when the majority of a user’s followers are online, but SocialFlow is different. They use an algorithm to determine topic interest in messaging, taking a glance into what is being discussed heavily among a follower base, then posting when your post/tweet is most applicable, increasing the chances of a retweet, click-through or other form of interaction.

Social media has reached a point where a lot of campaigns are run through gut feelings and intuition. There are a lot of creative ideas, but the science has been lacking for most. Having the ability to look at the types of different conversations your followers are engaging in, comparing those same conversations against the message you want to post, and then figuring out the best time to send it is clearly highly valuable.

Scheduling with SocialFlow works similarly to HootSuite or TweetDeck, however the key advantage lies in their optimization feature. Messages will sit in a queue and will be sent then they achieve a score between 1 and 100, 100 meaning the message will be sent at the most optimal time.

For campaigns that require full measurement and tracking, users have the choice of integrating their own Google Analytics account to track social media connections, or as an alternative, access to a suite of built in analytics tools.

There’s a real bottleneck in social media – attention is a scarce commodity. When you keep posting the wrong message, people will ignore you. Don’t burn away that commodity of attention.

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