Successful Promoted Tweets Campaigns For Business

Twitter has come to a point where it needs to make money, the “how” to advertising within the platform has been the challenge. Traditional banner ads are out, it simply doesn’t work with the type of user and it would be highly intrusive. People flip over subtle changes within Facebook, if a banner ad jumped out on Twitter the company wouldn’t hear the end of it.

As a result, Twitter has begun to roll out Promoted Tweets over the past year and they’ve gotten some solid reception. That was phase one of the “how to make money” problem, now Twitter is considering adding promoted tweets directly into your feed, more than likely causing backlash from their user base.

The bottom line is that Twitter can be promoting more than just in the Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends sections. If they can come up with a way to limit the intrusiveness of advertising then users will probably roll and adapt to it. It’s interesting to consider how the pieces will fit together given Twitter’s integration into Apple’s next version of the iPhone. We could see some serious leverage here.

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But we’re not here to talk about Twitter and their future advertising plans in great detail, we’re here to share the best Promoted Tweets campaigns that have worked for businesses.

Successful Promoted Tweets Campaigns

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If you’re looking for Promoted Tweets info at a campaign level, be sure to check out this Social Selling With Promoted Tweets case study.

If you’re interested in targeting organically trending topics for your campaign, this Coca-Cola and Pillsbury case study will give you an idea of the possibilities.

Making Your Brand Matter

For you Twitter fans, presently available are Promoted TweetsPromoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts: these are 3 distinct ways that allow you to promote your brand and/or campaign within Twitter.

It’s always important to add perspective to any Internet marketing or social media marketing (SMM) campaign – or any marketing/advertising campaign for that matter. If you’re aware of the technical possibilities it opens the door for real creativity at a campaign level. Remember that these opportunities may not be a good fit for all businesses; they have to align with your business strategy and goals.

Social media is great, there are a lot of applications for it, but it certainly doesn’t mean that one size fits all. See what’s been working for others and if it’s adaptable to your own campaign/strategy, fantastic! However also be sure to think creatively, put a spin on an idea, you never know what can lift your existing or upcoming campaign and take it to the next level.

How about it? Are you experimenting with anything different and exciting on the social or SEO level?

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