The Best Internet Marketing & SEO Tools

There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, and the SEO tools market is a fragmented field with dozens of point solutions, such as backlink analysis and acquisition, as well as link building and marketing software.

These point solutions play an important role in the market, as small, mid-size businesses, and professionals seek affordable options to manage SEO tasks. Below is a list of the best SEO tools in market today.

The Best SEO Software Suite

SEO Powersuite (Limited Free Version Available)

SEO Powersuite - The Best SEO Tools -

The SEO Powersuite is a must have, including 4 distinct pieces of software. Within the package you get:

RankTracker – RankTracker tracks all of your site’s URLs and niche keywords. The reporting is great and it’s simple to use!

SEO SpyGlass – SEO Spyglass provides a competitive analysis and insights into how your competitors rank and how you and adapt your strategy to outrank them. The analysis is quite detailed, highlighting anchor text, page titles, how many backlinks are from social media, figuring out the exact value of backlinks, and more.

Link Assistant – Link Assistant is a great link management tool and will help you find high value linking opportunities, but I have used it for finding interested parties for guest posting. Overall, this is a complete, easy-to-use suite of SEO tools that are essential for any arsenal.

Backlink Monitors

Inspyder Backlink Monitor (Free Trial Available)

Inspyder Backlink Monitor - The Best SEO Tools -

Backlink Monitor is a great tool for tracking and managing backlinks across your site. Backlink Monitor will check backlinks across your tiers, the indexed status of your backlinks, link PageRank analysis, and more. It also features scheduled reporting  and exporting for use in 3rd party tools, which is a huge plus!

Backlink Monitor will also analyze your backlinks and automatically identify tiers, detecting any broken links across tiers and identifying which links are not indexed, helping to focus your link building strategy. If you’re actively engaged in backlinking, this is the tracking tool for you!

SEO Backlink Analysis & Acquisition

SEO SpyGlass (Limited Free Account Available)

SEO SpyGlass - The Best SEO Tools -

Part of the SEO Powersuite, SEO SpyGlass allows you to run a competitive analysis, figuring out what your competition is doing to rank, helping you to adapt your Internet Marketing strategy.

Ahrefs (Limited Free Account Available)

Ahrefs - The Best SEO Tools -

Ahrefs is a great site exploration tool and backlink checker. Boasting data updates every 15 minutes, this one is updated the most frequently out of any tool I’ve come across. There are other helpful features as well, such as SEO Reports, a Mentions Tracker, a more in depth link tracking report, and a Batch Analysis tool for larger link batches.

Google Webmaster Tools (Free)

Google Webmaster Tools - The Best SEO Tools -

Google Webmaster Tools provides insight into how Google views your website, allowing you to diagnose problem areas with crawling and indexing, as well as the ability to explore link and query traffic, including the option to download comprehensive data about both internal and external links. You can also find out which Google search queries are driving traffic to your site, providing visibility into how users are arriving there.

Link Research Tools (Limited Free Trial)

Link Research Tools - The Best SEO Tools -

Link Research Tools has a variety of features to help you analyze links, including Link Juice Thief (analyze where your competition is linking to), Missing Links Tool (compare your site you a competitor to find ‘missing link’ opportunities), Juice Tool (bulk URL analysis, including helpful backlink metrics), SERP Research Tool (find linking prospects), and other helpful tools.

Majestic SEO (Limited Free Account Available)

Majestic SEO - The Best SEO Tools -

Majestic SEO provides detailed backlinking information using a Site Explorer to explore a domain/URL in detail, as well as a variety of link mapping tools to analyze keywords (including search volumes), backlink history for domains/URLs, a bulk backlink checker, and more.

Open Site Explorer (Moz) (Full 30 Day Free Trial)

MOZ - Open Site Explorer - The Best SEO Tools -

Open Site Explorer provides you with detailed link information such as Anchor Text, Inbound Links, Linking Domains, Just-Discovered Links, Top Pages, & Advanced Reporting. You are also able to examine Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linked Root Domains, your total link profile, and social sharing data related to a URL.

Link Building & Internet Marketing Automation Software

Tier 1 Link Building


UltimateDemon - Best SEO Tools -

UltimateDemon is a powerful tool for building tier 1 links, allowing you to submit content to multiple platforms (Web 2.0 sites, Article Directories, Press Releases, Video Sites, etc.), and a scheduler to help spread your submissions evenly or randomly over days or a specific date and time range. This will allow you to drip links daily, making this strategy look much more natural.

Other features include a scraper to search for footprints, article spinning and rewriting, a live link checker, a detailed site scan to help determine website of trust and PageRank, and more!

Another great aspect of this software is that there is no monthly subscription, unlike similar tools.

Link Assistant (Limited Free Version Available)

LinkAssistant - The Best SEO Tools -

Link Assistant is part of the SEO PowerSuite, designed around finding and managing potential “link partners” for those sites that share similar themes. The most effective way to use the tool is to use these sites as potential targets for guest posting.

SEnukeXCr (14 Day Free Trial Available)

SEnukeXCr - The Best SEO Tools -

SEnukeXCr is a crowd sourced link building system designed for SEO automation. You select your keywords and the system will automatically create blogs, articles, social bookmarks, press releases, and user profiles on thousands of different websites, all containing a backlink to your site to help improve your rankings. This one is a bit pricey at $147, but check out the trial, it’s free for 14 days.

Tier 2 & 3 Link Building

GSA Search Engine Ranker (Free Trial Available)

GSA Search Engine Ranker - The Best SEO Tools -

GSA Search Engine Ranker is an incredibly flexible piece of software for automated link building. The submission process requires zero input, the backlink anchor text will always be related to your keyword, you can select submission criteria such as a PR domains, supports more than 100 platforms for backlink submissions, and includes a lifetime license with free lifetime updates.

If you want to set it and forget it, Search Engine Ranker is a powerful tool to look into.


Scrapebox - The Best SEO Tools -

Scrapebox is an automated scraping and harvesting tool that will spare you from hours of collecting URLs and analyzing them. Packed with a huge set of built in tools, with Scrapebox you can use footprints to collect links that are highly relevant to your keywords and niche.


Xrumer - The Best SEO Tools -

Xrumer is a tool used for automated posting on forums, catalogs, guestbooks, wiki, blogs, social networks, and a variety of other engines. This is a fully automated program that only requires the text for your advertisements, you select the database of sites you want to target, choose your mode and then hit the “start” button. Xrumer also has a unique “anti-spam” approach and ensures the messages posted are both readable and relevant to your target subject.

No Hands SEO (Free Trial Available)

No Hands SEO - The Best SEO Tools -

No Hands SEO is another automated backlinking tool featuring a variety of courses and more than 55 different platforms. The features are good, just not as advanced as GSA Search Engine Ranker.

This list will continue to be updated over the next week, so stay tuned!

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