The Best WordPress Themes – Responsive & Free

Anyone vaguely familiar with WordPress understands that the community is absolutely massive. There are thousands of designers and developers coding and creating every day, tens of thousands of writers, and millions of users, all of which add value, continuing to propel WordPress forward.

Putting all the pieces together, it’s only natural that talented people are developing and designing free WordPress themes.

As for you, free themes are certainly an ideal way to get your blog your website off the ground. Perhaps you’re interested in writing on a specific topic but don’t yet feel comfortable investing in a premium theme and an enhanced hosting package. And that’s okay.

The more time you spend working with your site, the more comfortable you’ll become with various designs and potential technical limitations. Your appreciation may also grow for those wicked premium themes with designs that seem untouchable. Everything is customizable, never stop learning.

This article contains some of the best free WordPress themes available, all of which are completely responsive, themes you can easily download and install today. Also, this will continue to be updated.

Check out some of the themes below and let me know what some of your favourites are!

01. Thoughts

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Thoughts

This is a great flat design and also features large images for your website or blog. As a free responsive WordPress theme, this is a good one to check out.

02. Flozo

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Flozo

Flozo has been created specifically with businesses in mind

Flyerzone has created Flozo, their free WordPress theme designed to help small businesses in the creation of a professional looking website. If you’re starting a design agency or are a freelancer, this is one worth checking out.

03. Glider

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Glider

A minimalist, imageless, text based theme

If you’re looking for a minimalist WordPress theme, it doesn’t get much simpler than one that’s text only focused. This theme is all about seamless reading – there are no page loads or interruptions, just a quick and easy way to access content.

04. MyStile

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Mystile

MyStile is a great use-as-is, clean and lightweight WordPress theme

If you’re looking for a solid e-commerce WordPress theme, WooTheme’s MyStile is one to consider. Clean and lightweight, this is a theme that allows you to use it as-is, or as a template to customize and design around your own products. Beautifully responsive, there are plenty of built in options and alternate colour schemes.

05. Travelify

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - TravelifyA travel based WordPress theme inspired by nature

Travelify is a free WordPress theme that is fully customizable, featuring several Theme Options and page templates, making this theme a flexible choice for a travel blog, adventurists, or green thinkers.

06. Clean Retina

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Clean Retina

A simple, clean, responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme

Clean Retina features nine separate homepage layout options, also with a homepage slider, including text support. This is a free WordPress theme that’s suitable for both bloggers and small business owners.

07. Simple Corp

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - SimpleCorpA great free WordPress theme for corporate sites and portfolios, both simple and responsive

Site5’s Simple Corp is a responsive WordPress theme featuring plenty of time saving features, saving you time from plugin hunting. Simple Corp has smooth menu system and a frontpage slider, also featuring a contact form and map on the contact page, which is a nice touch. The theme provides flexibility in multiple colour styles, accessible via the colour options tab. This is certainly one of the better free WordPress themes designed for business that has a great out of the box feel.

08. Workality

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Workality

A fully responsive free WordPress portfolio theme designed for creative people and agencies

Workality is a great way to display your portfolio, featuring 4 different thumbnail sizes and a responsive design. Media including images, videos, and text will scale by device, whether it’s iPad, iPhone, or another mobile device.

09. Photo

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - PhotoA well designed photo based free WordPress theme

Photo is designed around photography, the main feature being its responsive gallery. The header features and emphasizes your logo. If you’re looking for a minimal and versatile theme, this is a perfect choice.

10. Great

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - GreatA traditional magazine styled WordPress theme

Great features a clean and minimalist design, unlimited colour schemes, custom widgets, SEO optimized, ad management and more, all packed into this great free WordPress theme appropriate for any blogger.

11. Responsive

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive

A flexible theme for both personal or business websites

Responsive leverages widget areas, allowing you to easily drop content into your homepage in several areas, making customization easy. The featured area on the homepage is great for anything you wish to draw attention to, including a call to action.

12. Grid

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - GridA great free WordPress theme to showcase artwork, photography, or creative projects

Grid is a very well designed WordPress theme that could be used as a portfolio, to display artwork, or something event based. Everything is graphic or photo related, so having content surrounding that is a must. You’re able to take advantage of menus, widgets, and infinite scrolling with this free theme.

13. Bonpress

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - BonpressA great personal blog theme

Bonpress breaks away from traditional blog form to include left column navigation, integrating with WordPress’ menu system to make it quick and easy for you to set it up and get it going. Bonpress is flexible enough to be used as a regular website, blog, or portfolio. For a free WordPress theme, this is a very clean and functional responsive design.


Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Architekt

A clean, simple, unique design to showcase your portfolio

Architekt is a great free WordPress theme that highlights your photos through a well thought out layout and minimalist design. As long as the bulk of your content is image based, you’ll be good to go here. The portfolio segmentation also allows you to breakout your work easily. Clean and responsive, this is another one to love.

15. Skeleton

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Skeleton

A responsive and minimal WordPress theme

Skeleton is a very straight forward theme that offers a lot of versatility through widgets and featured areas, allowing you to implement your own style and colour schemes.

16. Meeta

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - MeetaThis is a simple blogging theme for WordPress, packed with features such as unique widgets and custom templates

Meeta may not seem like much at first glance, however this is a responsive theme that is easily modifiable, and considering it’s a free WordPress theme, this is good framework to start with for your blog. All you need is the time to modify it yourself.

17. Zenith

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Zenith

A responsive magazine-style design

Zenith is a magazine-style theme that includes multiple layout options, built-in support for Gravity Forms, and also supports menus and custom templates.

18. Sensitive

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Sensitive

Fully responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme

Sensitive leverages Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, included with three separate page templates, and menu and background support. This is a great theme if you’re seeking something lightweight, clean, and modern.

19. Strap Slider Lite

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Strap Slider LiteStrap Slider Lite features a full-width auto-sliding content panel

Slider Lite features a full-width slider at the top of the page, each featured post within the slide includes both an image and caption. Slider Lite also uses Twitter’s Bootstrap to make the theme easily extensible.

20. Appliance

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Appliance

A visual based WordPress theme for blogs, magazines, or portfolios

Appliance presents posts in panels across the page, keeping everything clean and minimalist. This is a great lightweight theme with quick loading time, and its clean presentation is perfect for photo based content, making the image pop.

21. Noteworthy

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Noteworthy

A magazine-styled theme with a primary focus on images

Noteworthy is a fairly bold theme and does a great job at adjusting as a responsive theme. The colour scheme isn’t half bad, but the attention grabber is the featured section of the homepage, which can be modified to display whatever content you wish.

22. Origin

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Origin

A content-first design with blog or magazine/news potential

Origin’s focus is on the site’s content, featuring a 2 or 3 column layout, 5 separate colour schemes, a responsive gallery, and widgets for easy placement of content. This is a very cool theme that has a lot of potential if you have a lot of image based content. You really get a premium sense of quality here.

23. Folder

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Folder

A WordPress theme that would either work well as a showcase or business site

Folder is a very well designed theme with a bit of a retro feel to it, something you don’t often see in a free WordPress theme. This theme is certainly heavily image focused, which is rounded out perfectly in the design. Not only is this a WordPress responsive designed theme, it’s fully HTML5 compliant, contains 5 different widgets (contact form, latest work, twitter feed, video, included posts) and other cool features. This is definitely one to check out.

24. vFlex

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - vFlex

Designed for both bloggers and designers, a great plug and play solution

vFlex is not only responsive, but it’s got style. Included is the Featured Flex Slider to easily feature images, along with other custom settings such as logo uploading, importing and exporting, along with many others. It is also optimized with SEO functionality in mind.

25. Termio

Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Termio

A solid free WordPress theme within the blog/website category, SEO optimized

Termio is full of options to customize your blog or website, including page templates, custom widgets, logo image placement, a featured posts slider, a contact page template, as well as being fully optimized for SEO. The layout is a solid base to work with, and with a little personalization, this theme could take your site to the next level.

26. Max Magazine

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Max Magazine

You guessed it, this can be used as a magazine or newspaper theme

Max Magazine features a easily customizable layout, a beautiful jQuery slider, features 4 category posts, and also carousel posts. You can load your own plugins in the sidebar, as this space is broken into two widgetized sections.

27. Clippy

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Clippy

A clean and simple pin-style WordPress theme for your blog

Clippy is definitely one of the best pin-style WordPress themes I’ve seen, especially for the free price tag! The texture of the layout is interesting, and if you’re posting content with a hint of something visual, this could be a great way to creatively display content.

28. Time

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive -

Geared towards personal blogging, clean and responsive

Time is a free WordPress theme that immediately highlights visual content through the slider on the homepage, and I really like how clean the layout actually is with a sidebar. Because of that, there is more of a focus on content, which could be great for those seeking to use the theme as a portfolio or to draw more attention to the content itself.

29. Grid Style

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Grid Style

A magazine based layout to showcase your portfolio

Grid Style is a decent choice if you’re looking to showcase a creative portfolio in a clean and straightforward WordPress theme. The theme supports menus, widgets, is SEOed, and has a variety of other theme options.

30. Skylark

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Skylark

A business website or portfolio theme with a featured section

Skylark is a 2-columned WordPress theme bright and clean, designed to be a starting theme for individuals and businesses. The post pages look great with the light header, and there is a lot of customization that could be done to the homepage. This would be a great base to work with for customizations.

31. Medicine

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Medicine

A product based theme including a cart and other features

Medicine is a product based theme that features a cart system, reviews, and a cool pricing filter in the sidebar. The stock colour scheme is certainly one to be modified, however this is easily done through user-friendly features that even the most inexperienced users can manage. The theme options page will allow you to customize this theme to your liking in just about every way possible.

32. Wallpress

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive - Wallpress

A free WordPress theme with a unique layout to showcase content

Wallpress has a unique layout to feature content for your online portfolio, newspaper or magazine. One of the slickest features is the shop, bringing you an e-commerce function that looks fantastic, complete with the left side menu you see in many e-commerce based sites.

The Social Feed section is also an interesting way to show social activity across a variety of networks, which are broken out by social network and category. There is a premium version of this theme, so all of this functionality may not be directly available with the free version. Worth checking out regardless!

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