Twitter Introduces Two Features That Organize Content, Helps You Understand Your Social Impact

Twitter has introduced two new features to organize content, helping you discover more through the social network. Twitter now allows us to see tweets that users have favourited, as well as users who have retweeted you. We will also be able to understand which tweets people find interesting and which inspire them to take action.

There are two tabs that Twitter is using to present this information; the first feature is a personal notifications dashboard, a simple way to see activity throughout Twitter that is relevant, related to you. Twitter has updated the @username tab, now presenting your own Tweets that have been favourited by others, any recent retweets of your Tweets, and tweets that are directly related to you (an existing feature), also displaying your new followers.

Twitter Feature - Username Tab -

Twitter’s second new feature is an Activity tab. This feature is a summary of your follower’s actions across Twitter, similar to Facebook’s News Feed. Like the user tab, Activity contains retweets, tweets, and follows, presenting this content from the people you follow on Twitter, bringing everything into one place.

Twitter Feature - Activity Tab -

This organization of content will improve engagement throughout the site, adding relevance to actions, making it much easier for users to connect with others, as well as giving a more structured and relevant content approach, showing that’s happening across the site. By being able to understand the social impact your tweets have, Twitter is providing you with a true understanding of how visible you are socially.

Twitter has begun to roll out these new features to users gradually, so expect the new tabs to be up sooner than later.

Please share your thoughts! Did Twitter need this upgrade and level of organization to compete with Google+ and Facebook? Are they on the right track for making content more personalized and social?

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