Twitter Launches New Profiles Directory

Remember the old “Who To Follow” page on Twitter that launched some time ago? Well, it looks like Twitter’s been doing a little on-site SEO for themselves and have created a profiles directory that includes all public Twitter profiles listed alphabetically by name. Guess who else has been cleaning up their accounts? Facebook, who has now implemented a similar people directory that appears to have taken an inspired taste of Twitter’s own. Google+ has a public listing as well, though this isn’t navigable, as they are hidden in thousands of XML files for robot use.

Twitter Profiles Directory -

User directories, such as the ones implemented on Facebook and Twitter, aren’t necessarily meant to be useful to human visitors (unless you’re researching names or surnames for whatever reason), but they’re viewed as sitemaps by search engine bots, helping in the discovery of every profile that exists throughout the social network.

In fact, Twitter’s people directory doesn’t even have a search function. Fortunately, our little pal Google can help you find your name in the massive directory. If you want to check it out, try using the search query below in Google: “insert your name”

At present there are 100 Twitter profiles per page and Google has discovered roughly 250k pages to date, which works out to 25 million profiles. This will clearly take some time to index, as Twitter has more than 500 million+ profiles and the majority are public.

The directory lists both first and last names for English, as well as profiles that may have non-Latin characters present in their names.

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