Twitter Web Analytics Is Coming, Offers Sophisticated Information & Insights

Third party analytics tools have played a big role in measuring and analyzing various types of activity across Twitter’s massive network. Now, Twitter may be on their way to taking the crown when it comes to the analytics of its own content, pushing away rivals such as, HootSuite and Klout.

Thanks to Twitter’s open API, third parties such as HootSuite have developed platforms designed not only around helping users manage Twitter campaigns, but through analyzing the impact and reach of tweets. Only recently has Twitter pushed ahead with their own product that will impact these third parties negatively from the data reporting side.

Twitter news and journalism manager Erica Anderson has said that Twitter has plans to launch their own internal form of sophisticated analytics, will be useful for publishers to help track the reach of tweets throughout the microblogging site. Twitter is presently offering similar services to advertisers, but this is something that will be widespread and open for everyone.

While third party tools can and have been fantastic for in depth analysis, having a platform with self-integrated analytics will undoubtedly offer data and information that will improve the quality of future campaigns as a whole. Looking at it from a business perspective, this is another product that will help with the development of Twitter’s strategy to bring brands on board from the marketing side. Having access to more in depth data will help persuade brands to invest, and if done right, they will have access to information and insights that will be astronomical.

Using Twitter to predict behaviours is a natural evolution for campaigns that run on the network – there is a lot of value in analyzing a large set of tweets, although it’s unknown if the new analytical tools will include any sort of trend spotting.

When looking that the predictive nature that Twitter data has the ability to tell, it remains largely untapped. The real value here is being value to highlight pieces of Twitter in real time. If you can tell how people are engaging and using the service, you can begin drastic strategic revisions and enhancements so your social media marketing strategy.

Oh, and sorry, the tools won’t be unveiled for a few months yet. But don’t worry! Just think of this as time to get your content marketing strategy in order. Twitter is going to be a jungle, and there are no bloody pandas to slow us down.

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