Using Advocates To Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

Having an advocate is the holy grail for brands throughout social media. Unfortunately advocates are hard to come by, no surprise there. So how could a brand transform a Facebook fan into a person willing to speak positively and share information/deals about the company? Think rewards. It could be cash, gift cards, points, discounts or even a product for a true advocate. If that sounds far-fetched you should checkout Ambassador, a social referral marketing platform. They’ve put together a timeline that¬†¬†illustrates how a user can become a brand advocate (below).

Here’s a few little stats to think about:

  • Facebook users over 18 are spending more than 7.3 hours/month on their mobile site
  • 77% of business to consumer marketers have used their Facebook page to acquire a new customer
  • The average brand advocate has 200 – 450 friends throughout their social network accounts

Have you considered social advocacy as part of your social media strategy?

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