Using Content Marketing To Attract A Targeted Audience

With an Internet Marketing strategy, it’s safe to assume that your business objectives are heavily dependent search engine rankings and traffic from other websites back to your own. When looking at search engine rankings (SEO) themselves, the number of quality links helps to bring you and keep you at the top. Aside from that, you need links from reputable sites to help increase your own site traffic. Needless to say, having links targeting content on your site is a major benefit and play a vital role in any strategy. The first step is figuring out a way to get people to think to that content.

Link Building With Content Marketing - Marketaire.comThe majority of the time links are created when users identify page relevance and link to a page because they like it. Anyone familiar with SEO knows that link building usually involves “unnatural” linking, relying on the systematic creation of backlinks – or for those crazies out there – paying for links. There are even spammy techniques where you can purchase a quantity of links for a low price. Spam is a fantastic way to annoy webmasters everywhere (receive those SEO emails, anyone?), and it certainly won’t help your reputation with Google. If you want to link build the proper way, you have to get creative. Most importantly, you have to get personal.

The idea is focusing on link attraction rather than relying solely on link building. It’s pretty simple, if you generate amazing content and promote it, you will attract natural links. As an effect, if you’re developing compelling material, people will share the content and links will follow. That’s the idea behind link attraction. It’s very straight forward, and it’s becoming more of a requirement to success to be publishing magnetic content. By going through the processes of content promotion and distribution, you’re taking a much more natural approach to link building, creating an edge. A targeted audience will share relevant content by linking to it from their own site, or they may share it with others on a social network of choice.

A key point to remember is that link attraction doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience. You will more than likely receive some immediate links through your promotional efforts, but the value is the continuation that your content will receive years after it was originally published. Think about it, just because you want people to link to your content doesn’t mean that they’ll be ready to. Instead, they link to it when it’s relevant, when it suits their purposes. If you have patience, the links will come.

The right kind of link building is now centered around creating informative, quality content that will provide value to the person that has chosen to link to it, including their own audience they choose to share it with. This is what we call “linkworthy” content. Consider link building to be like a rewards program for your content. If you plan it out and do it right, the reward will be relevant, traffic driving links back to your content. Simple. High quality links are the right and best way to help improve the search engine rankings of your content.

A large part of content marketing involves acquiring these links. By creating top-notch content you will position yourself with the strongest case for gaining valuable, natural links, and ideally, those will be from people who are genuinely interested, such as fellow website owners or even editors. Linkworthy content will get you more links from a variety of different sources, which is massively valuable to your SEO rankings and overall success of your website. Also, the traffic that the links generate will typically attract a better potential customer. Spend the time putting in the effort at the content development stage to create that linkworthy content, and the links will follow.

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