Why Facebook’s Hybrid News Feed Has Increased Page Interaction

Two weeks ago Facebook made some big redesign changes. For one, they collapsed the news feed, which was previously divided into “top news” and “recent news”, into a singular hybrid news feed. Edgerank has reported that this change has shown a 33% decline in impressions for individual posts, but has increased engagement for Pages. Likes and comments have improved substantially, up 18% and 17%.

Facebook has certainly set the framework for proper organization and growth with their new Timeline feature, evolving from a simple feed into a visual slideshow of your life. As for Pages, why has there been such an improvement in commenting and liking and fewer impressions as a whole?

Facebook Hybrid News Feed Page Interaction Stats - Marketaire.comA big reason is that your news feed content is now limited. At present, the news feed consists of “top stories”, which are posts that users are more likely to engage with, putting stories where users are less likely to engage over into Recent Stories. Facebook’s news feed algorithm is designed to discover “top news” based on a user’s personal relationship to a person posting, the type of story, and engagement through comments and likes the story has received, not based on clicks. If a “top story” is unavailable, the hybrid news feed will post regular recent news at the top of the feed.

Even with a limited data set, this analysis on improved post engagement should have Page owners thinking a little more carefully about what they post. If you have a blog, be sure to post consistent updates to your Facebook Page to enhance your content marketing strategy – integration and cross-platform promotion is key!

Do you think we will continue to see a positive trend when it comes to users liking and commenting on posts within their “top stories” feed? Have you found these posts to be something you would be more likely to engage with?

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