Will Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines Go Public?

So, Google may be considering publicly releasing their search quality rating guidelines. The news has come from Google’s latest webmaster video on YouTube, in which Matt Cutts is answering a question on how Google uses data and information provided by their human evaluators. The conclusion is that these evaluators don’t impact Google’s search algorithm directly, which is something we already knew. More importantly, however, at the end of the video Cutts is talking about Google potentially sharing their search quality guidelines to the world. It’s really a good idea on Google’s part to open the rating guidelines up to the public, and it will likely give businesses something a little more concrete to develop their website and strategy from.

For those unfamiliar, Google has used human quality raters for some time now, at least 7 years. For those interested in the Google’s latest search quality guidelines, you can find the leaked document here, so feel free to take a look, like, and redistribute. The most recent version is from June 22nd, 2012. Tweet us if the link goes down.

Roughly four years back Google also released an SEO starter guide, which was last updated in 2010. This is a beginner level document for those new to SEO; however it can also be used as a reference tool. It covers the SEO basics, how to improve a site’s structure, how to optimize content, SEO for mobile, and promotions & analysis. Pretty straight forward stuff. Both the document and the starter guide are very complementary; I would recommend them to those interested in getting started in the SEO game or for those who want to reference some sexy Google material for their clientele.

Oh and here’s the Google webmaster video:

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