WordPress’ Most Popular Plugins – The Top 30

There are a variety of reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS among Internet marketers and site owners, the most popular feature being its easy to use options surrounding design.

This has turned WordPress into the ideal website solution for many small businesses looking to jump into the competitive online market. No coding knowledge is required and the flexibility WordPress provides can result in an extremely sleek and sexy website equipped with all the bells and whistles. It’s like a fast and luxurious car that can make you money so you can buy an actual fast and luxurious car. Awesome.

WordPress’ plugin database contains more than 22k plugins, many of which can easily assist with enhancing  one’s social media presence or even making SEO tweaks and implementations killer easy. Considering how websites operated even 8 years ago, it’s mind boggling just how easy multimedia and social elements are to implement with a couple of clicks and a mouse drag.

Below are the top 30 most popular WordPress plugins, plugins that should be considered to potentially give a website/blog a strategic advantage. Some of these are definitely must haves for those who aren’t using them already.

So, do you have a favourite ‘essential’ plugin you’re presently using? A favourite in the list below? Comment and share your thoughts!


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