Is Your Instagram Story Sunny, Cloudy or Stormy?

Instagram users’ moods change like the weather, and they can now express those changes via new face filters in their Instagram Stories.

The Instagram API Has Become the Facebook Graph API

The student has become the teacher, as the Instagram API has been upgraded to the Facebook Graph API.

There Are 3 New Message Tags for Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook released three additional message tags that developers can incorporate into Messenger bots.

Instagram Stories Can Now Be Viewed via the Mobile Web

Mobile users no longer have to be in the Instagram application to view Instagram Stories.

Discovery Communications Is Readying 3 Shows for Facebook Watch

Discovery Communications is climbing aboard the Facebook Watch train with three new shows.

Real Madrid Takes the Facebook Watch Pitch With Documentary Series

Soccer powerhouse Real Madrid teamed up with GoPro on Hala Madrid, a behind-the-scenes documentary series narrated by actor Orlando Bloom.

Three New Legendary Pokemon Are Now Part of Pokemon Go

Raikou, Entei and Suicune are now available.

Twitter’s MoPub Now Offers Viewability Measurement via IAS and Moat

The exchange can offer in-app viewability metrics.

AI in Influencer Marketing: Buzz or Real Value?

Opinion: The next time you hear an influencer marketing platform tout its AI-driven technology, pause for a moment and ask how that AI is used.

Are Verified Business Accounts the Next Step Toward Monetizing WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now testing verified business accounts, which can be identified by their green check marks.