Yahoo Partners With Google To Display Contextual AdSense Ads

Yahoo has made an interesting announcement: it will be working with Google. This isn’t a search based advertising deal, that’s still exclusive to Bing, but the Google partnership will display contextual ads throughout Yahoo’s co-branded sites and other properties. These ads will be directed through AdSense for content, and the mobile ads will be provided by AdMob.

Announced in a blog post, Yahoo mentioned that it’s continuing to expand its network with the addition of Google as a contextual ad partner, allowing Yahoo to serve ads that are more meaningful.

At present, Yahoo is displaying contextual ads through their connection to the Bing content network, and last September it was also announced that Yahoo had plans to open its own contextual advertising network partnered with and Bing.

contextual-adsIt’s well known that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has a relationship with the crew at Google, and given the recent poaching of Henrique de Castro, a former Googler, to be her chief operating officer, it’s not really a surprise that Yahoo will be working with Google. Microsoft probably isn’t too impressed, but hey, the Yahoo Bing alliance hasn’t been all roses. The delivered results haven’t exactly been what Yahoo hoped for.

It will be interesting to see how Yahoo and Google continue to connect products and grow that relationship in the future. Bing isn’t going anywhere soon, though. The paid search and algorithmic deal is intact until 2019.

What do you think of the Yahoo Google partnership? Do you approve of Yahoo’s continued expansion of their search assets?

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