YouTube To Allow Offsite Linking Via Video Annotations

Well, well, well, video advertising is about to get a lot more interesting! Ladies and gentlemen, we have some good news here. Very soon YouTube publishers will be allowed to use video annotations to create clickable hyperlinks linking back to one’s own website.

YouTube Website Annotation -

Therefore, if you’re Red Bull and your YouTube video is promoting your new website/app, you can link to your online store where a user could then complete a purchase.

You work hard, time for a video break.


Dror Shimshowitz, who is YouTube’s Head of Product for Creators, announced this last week in San Bruno during a YouTube Partner event.

At present, YouTube only supports clickable annotations that link through to another YouTube video or search results page within the YouTube site itself. Now, publishers who’s accounts are in good standing will have the option of driving traffic through to their own site from their YouTube videos.

Dror didn’t mention anything about any sort of time frame of when the new feature will be available, but it probably won’t be long, as Invideo Programming, another feature mentioned during the same event,  is now live.

Would you use the annotation feature to link back to your site?

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