YouTube Redesign Integrates Both Google+ and Facebook For Social Sharing

Business Review USA has leaked a redesign of YouTube, showing a more socially integrated layout that emphasizes sharing. Google has included both Google+ and Facebook sharing options within the profile sidebar. While the inclusion of Facebook may be surprising to some, it is important to remember that YouTube is a massively popular destination, one that will introduce even more Facebook users to Google+ through YouTube integration.

The new layout design is still in the testing phase with a smaller percentage of users and will be for several weeks. YouTube’s Google+ integration was originally launched in October, allowing Google users to connect their YouTube and Google+ accounts. Also included was a “Posted to Google+” tab to users’ YouTube homepages. The new redesign, however, takes the integration much further, transforming the homepage into a news feed that presents trending and popular videos. There is also a big emphasis on user profiles, showing the shift to unify users under a single Google+ identity.

YouTube Redesign Leak -

YouTube isn’t the only Google property to receive upgrades lately. Major properties like Google Reader, Gmail and Google Docs have gotten major redesigns to allow better connectivity to Google+, introducing more social features. Google+ isn’t just about the social network; it is a shift for the entire company. The leaked YouTube redesign shows that things are happening, and fast.

Will a better user experience mean increased opportunity for relevant videos to “feed” their way to users? Absolutely. This tosses video marketing into a whole new realm, where users can advertise videos to segmented users, both within YouTube and extended to other properties such as Google+.

Videos are constantly being uploaded to YouTube, so it’s only logical that Google is experimenting with new ways for users and creators to find, watch and share videos more easily and relevantly. As the experiment unfolds, changes will be made to the final redesign upon launch, but it’s nice to see innovative change being made across Google’s Web.

Do you like YouTube’s new emphasis on social features?

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